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Online messaging about Recycling doesn't have to be confusing.  These statewide guidelines have been developed to simplify the directions.

Communities in Tennessee are eligible to participate in this free service from SERDC and the TN Dept. of Environment and Conservation

How it Works


Register your community recycling program or programs

Curbside collections and convenience centers in Tennessee for residential collection of recyclables are eligible. Fill out a request form and you will be contacted to coordinate specifics.


A recycling guide for your program will be designed

A recycling guide is created using the statewide Recycle Right Tennessee graphics and messaging along with your community logo. There are three types of guides available- Regional with yes/no/check local layout, Curbside with yes and no guides and Convenience Centers which include locations, operating hours and special instructions.

Sample Curbside Guide

Sample Drop-off Guide


Publish the link with your customized page to your website

Just place the customized url ( on your current web-page for residents to click to view the recycling guide.  We can help recommend current page re-organization if requested too.


Things change? Just let us know

We'll host and manage the page for you.  Just let us know if anything changes and we'll make the adjustment.

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