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Recycling Guidelines and Community Resources for Residents in Tennessee


Communities across Tennessee are simplifying how to recycle

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Participation in Recycle Right Tennessee is free for TN Communities

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Changing your recycling collection day, program hours, locations or materials collected?


Recycling resources to help strengthen programs in communities across TN


Recycling In Tennessee

Recycling is important on so many levels.  Not only does it save landfill space, those materials are resources that become feedstock for new products.  Recycling creates jobs and provides tax dollars to communities.

Not everything can be recycled.  Contamination is a big issue affecting programs across the United States.  Putting trash into recycling containers hurts the system and is resulting in dropped programs and increased processing costs.

Recycle Right Tennessee simplifies the message: 

Material Properties

  • Cans

  • Bottles

  • Containers

  • Paper

  • Cardboard


  • Clean

  • Empty

  • Dry

  • Check Local

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